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Shanghai Bilee Structural Design Office Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Bilee); was established in 2016. Its office address is located in Jinyuan Center, No.28 Yuanwen road, Minhang district, Shanghai.

Shanghai Bilee is mainly engaged in the design, research and engineering work of high-rise structures with various types of chimneys and cooling towers as the main industries. It is a professional Grade A design unit with chimneys and cooling towers as the main industries in China.

Shanghai Bilee is a professional engineering company established spontaneously in response to the reform of state-owned enterprises and taking advantage of many years of technology and research and development. Company continued the ‘National Standard Specifications For Design Of Chimney’, ‘The Reinforced Concrete Chimney 05 G212’atlas, " Steel Chimney 08SG213-1" atlas and other national standard editor units daily work management and technical explanation, and undertake the new national standard editor-in-chief of chimney engineering technical standard, the standard will be the original specification for design of chimney and the chimney engineering construction and acceptance standard "to merge, and expected to be completed in 2019.

Shanghai Bilee has a professional design team and project management team, and employs many domestic and international and industry experts as the technical support of the company. Can be engaged in coal-fired power plant main production building, the structural design of content, both to build, repair reinforcement design, chimney (cooling) anticorrosive design and the writing of the feasibility study report of the related technical service work, undertake the industrial buildings and high-rise structure design of structures to use fixed number of year of the prolong life evaluation and appraisal work. Total contracting capacity corresponding to design qualification.

Shanghai Bilee has applied for a number of national patents in chimney design and has many core technologies. Among them, "51YC design software" developed by Shanghai Lianghua Architectural Structure Design Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Shanghai Bilee, has been widely used in China and has great influence in the industry. Shanghai Bilee is familiar with American standard and European standard, and can provide professional technical consulting service and design service for domestic companies.

Shanghai Bilee is committed to building itself into an internationally excellent professional chimney engineering company, providing first-class technical services for the design, reinforcement, transformation, appraisal and evaluation of China's towering structures such as chimney and cooling tower.

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